Draft DM Motion: Iraq

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

DM notes that in 2017 Iraq was deadliest country in the world for journalists with at least seven killed, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

DM also notes that during and in the aftermath of the Kurdistan region of Iraq’s referendum on independence, media workers faced threats from armed groups, state security and government interference.

DM notes that Peshmerga forces linked to the Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil have intimidated and attacked media outlets that reported critically on the referendum called on 25 September while the broadcast of the NRT TV channel was blocked in the city.

DM notes that opponents of Kurdish independence have faced regular attacks by mobs who accuse them of treason.

DM also notes that Kurdish journalists operating in the city of Kirkuk have been threatened and killed by Iraqi government-backed militias.

DM instructs the NEC to highlight the threats facing Iraqi journalists as in-fighting between the country’s different factions continues to rage and to call out attempts at violence or intimidation by any side.

DM instructs the NEC to work to pressure both the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government to ensure that journalists can report freely on the myriad issues affecting the country.

Proposed by: Alex MacDonald.

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