Draft DM Motion: #MeToo

DM notes that the #MeToo social media campaign has allowed hundreds of women who have suffered from sexual assault around the world to open up about their experiences in atmosphere of mutual support and solidarity.

DM also notes, while having concerns about trial-by-media, the positive role played by social media in providing an environment for openness about sexual harassment and assault that had previously been suppressed.

DM also notes that allegations of sexual abuse and the silencing of the victims have been on-going in within large media organisations for years now.

DM instructs the NEC to campaign for victims of sexual abuse in our industry to come forward, share their experiences and expose abusers.

DM instructs the NEC to support #MeToo and other online campaigns to expose endemic sexual abuse in media organisations and other businesses.

Proposed by: Alex MacDonald.

Draft DM Motion: Iraq

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

DM notes that in 2017 Iraq was deadliest country in the world for journalists with at least seven killed, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

DM also notes that during and in the aftermath of the Kurdistan region of Iraq’s referendum on independence, media workers faced threats from armed groups, state security and government interference.

DM notes that Peshmerga forces linked to the Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil have intimidated and attacked media outlets that reported critically on the referendum called on 25 September while the broadcast of the NRT TV channel was blocked in the city.

DM notes that opponents of Kurdish independence have faced regular attacks by mobs who accuse them of treason.

DM also notes that Kurdish journalists operating in the city of Kirkuk have been threatened and killed by Iraqi government-backed militias.

DM instructs the NEC to highlight the threats facing Iraqi journalists as in-fighting between the country’s different factions continues to rage and to call out attempts at violence or intimidation by any side.

DM instructs the NEC to work to pressure both the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government to ensure that journalists can report freely on the myriad issues affecting the country.

Proposed by: Alex MacDonald.

Draft DM motion: Al-Araby

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

This DM notes that Al-Araby TV has dismissed two NUJ M/FoCs, has done everything it can to stop NUJ recognition, refused to involve the unions in redundancy talks and, instead, asked staff to elect representatives to take part in the talks. NUJ members who were elected became subject to victimisation and intimidation.

The company is based in London, but is funded by Qatar, which presents itself as a guard of rights and freedom in the Middle East. Qatar received wide support from The NUJ when its rival four Arab countries pressurised Doha to close down Al-Jazeera and other outlets, including Al-Araby TV.

The DM deplores victimising of NUJ reps and members and calls on the company and Qatar to allow freedom of joining the unions and pledges to take all actions to protect the members.

Proposed by Ahmed Elsheikh

Draft DM Motion: New media industry

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

This DM condemns the dismissive attitude of Vice to the NUJ members’ call for voluntary recognition in 2016. DM welcomes the decision by the CAC to accept the NUJ’s application for formal recognition at Buzzfeed.

DM notes the claims by Vice EMEA chief executive, Matt Elek, that the NUJ “are not used to innovative, digital workplaces….”

DM rejects this assertion. However, DM believes we could do more publicising our 20-plus years of organising in digital departments of media companies such as the Guardian, BBC, RTÉ and the Irish Times.

DM welcomes the return to the Online Media Awards in 2017, which helps to identify the NUJ with the sector.

DM instructs the NEC to work with the New media industrial council to organise events in 2018 to highlight the NUJ’s history organising new media workers. DM further instructs the NEC to investigate whether the union can play a greater part in industry events such as award ceremonies and conferences.

Proposed by Donnacha DeLong.

Draft DM Motion: Mutual respect

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

This DM notes that many journalists now working for new media outlets previous worked in areas of the media with NUJ organisations. DM regrets that few were recruited at that time.

DM believes that it’s essential the union recruits young journalists at the start of the careers, when they can be supported and mentored by more experienced NUJ members.

However, DM notes that some members have continued to have a dismissive attitude towards young journalists, in particular those working online, that alienates young journalists and makes it more difficult to recruit them.

DM believes that, when campaigning against churnalism, clickbait, targets and other issues that impact on journalistic quality, members should be very careful not to blame the young journalists who have no option but to do the work assigned to them. DM notes that those young journalists are often overworked and underpaid and need the support of the union.

DM instruct the NEC to work with workplace reps to ensure that, when campaigning against management decisions that reduce journalistic quality, they focus on recruiting young journalists instead of criticising them.

Proposed by Donnacha DeLong