Draft motion 3: Membership

DM notes that as technological developments reshape the media and reduce the need for technical workers, the union’s membership restrictions limit potential recruitment and our industrial strength.

DM believes that the rules can create unnecessary divisions in the workplace whereby, for example, support or technical staff must join another union or remain unrepresented. DM notes that, in many of our workplaces, no other union has sought to recruit non-journalistic workers.

This DM believes that the NUJ should become the union for media workers and open membership up to all those working in the media who wish to join.

DM therefore instructs the NEC to amend the rules to give effect to the principle that anyone working for a media company or in the media departments of other companies should qualify for membership, regardless of their role.

DM instructs the NEC to seek to ensure that these changes do not impact on existing agreements with other unions in some workplaces and not to seek to recruit members of other unions.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.

Draft motion 2: Chapel applications

This DM recognises that branch attendance by members is generally low. DM further notes that branches approve applications for people they know nothing about beyond the basic information provided by the Membership Department, as many applicants do not attend meetings.

Chapels who actually know the applicants would be better placed to approve the applications.

DM therefore instructs the NEC to amend the rules to allow approval of applications by a meeting of the relevant chapel or branch, whichever takes place first.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.

Draft motion 1: The union’s name

This DM recognises that the name, the National Union of Journalists, is problematic on two counts:

1. The union has not been a national union since 1922 when the Irish Free State became a separate country.

2. Many people eligible for membership do not consider themselves journalists.

The DM therefore instructs the NEC to amend the rules to change the union’s name to simply the NUJ.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.

AGM – election time

The branch AGM will take place on Tue, 26 March 2019, from 18:30 in NUJ Headland House, 72 Acton Street, Kings Cross, London WC1X 9NB.

This is a particularly important AGM. A number of current officers are standing down from their posts and we’ll need to elect new officers for the next year.

Full details and an opportunity to RSVP on Eventbrite.

We will also be debating the motion on a daytime sub-branch. If you’re one of those members who can’t attend evening meetings, email donnacha.delong@talktalk.net if you want to add your support.

The agenda for the meeting is available for download: Agenda AGM 2019.

Daytime sub-branch

This branch recognises that many members are unable to attend evening meetings due to work commitments and patterns of shift work in the industry.

This branch seeks to increase participation in the branch activities, with the aim of increased recruitment and organising.

This branch further recognises the value in members networking and the role the branch can play in facilitating such networking.

This branch therefore agrees to amend the standing orders to allow for the creation of a daytime sub-branch to happen between ordinary branch meetings.

This branch agrees to schedule such meetings in April, May and June to test whether there is a demand for the sub-branch meetings.

This branch proposes that the sub-branch shall elect a chair and shall have a quorum of 3 for any issues it wishes to formally raise with the main branch meeting.

Proposer: Donnacha DeLong
Seconder: Eleanor Lisney