Branch motion on government “support” for freelances

The branch passed the following motion at our meeting tonight (29 September).

Last Friday, 25 September 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced further financial assistance for the employed due to the continuing and escalating Coronavirus pandemic.

The UK government will pay staff members covered by the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme a further 60 percent of average monthly earnings for up to the next six months.

The self employed will only receive 20 percent of average monthly earnings.

The NUJ LIBNM branch condemns this grossly unfair decision that for a third time sees the self employed receiving less support than their fellow staff workers.

This latest financial package will see those earning approximately £2000 or less every month receive less support than if they were on a basic Universal Credit benefit. This will impact more than five million people and will force many further into poverty and to seek benefits, thus leading the country into further the economic crash.

LIBNM calls on the NUJ to oppose this latest government finical package in the strongest possible terms and work towards demanding a financial package that will keep the self employed and the country working.

Branch DM motions

The NUJ delegate meeting 2020 will take place from 25 – 26 April 2020.

LIBNM branch can submit motions on issues members want to raise, from changing the rules to make the union more efficient to setting policy and planning campaigns.

Any member can propose a motion to the next branch meeting where it will potentially be amended to seek to ensure it will be ruled in order and then the meeting will vote on whether or not to submit the motion.

If you’ve got an idea for a motion, please send the details to before the meeting so that it can be posted here on the blog so other members can see them. Donnacha is a member of the union’s Standing Orders Committee and can help you formulate the motion.

The first few motions have already been posted below on the blog.

Draft motion 4: Applications

DM recognises that the requirement to name a proposer and seconder is more honoured in the breach than in the observance. It ceased to be a reason to reject applicants many years ago and can be confusing to applicants who may know no other members of the NUJ.

DM instructs the NEC to amend the rules to remove this condition from applications and to replace it on applications forms with an optional question about NUJ members who may have recruited them or encouraged them to join.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.

Draft motion 2: Chapel applications

This DM recognises that branch attendance by members is generally low. DM further notes that branches approve applications for people they know nothing about beyond the basic information provided by the Membership Department, as many applicants do not attend meetings.

Chapels who actually know the applicants would be better placed to approve the applications.

DM therefore instructs the NEC to amend the rules to allow approval of applications by a meeting of the relevant chapel or branch, whichever takes place first.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.