Draft DM Motion: New media industry

The following is a draft motion to be considered at our next meeting on 31 October.

This DM condemns the dismissive attitude of Vice to the NUJ members’ call for voluntary recognition in 2016. DM welcomes the decision by the CAC to accept the NUJ’s application for formal recognition at Buzzfeed.

DM notes the claims by Vice EMEA chief executive, Matt Elek, that the NUJ “are not used to innovative, digital workplaces….”

DM rejects this assertion. However, DM believes we could do more publicising our 20-plus years of organising in digital departments of media companies such as the Guardian, BBC, RTÉ and the Irish Times.

DM welcomes the return to the Online Media Awards in 2017, which helps to identify the NUJ with the sector.

DM instructs the NEC to work with the New media industrial council to organise events in 2018 to highlight the NUJ’s history organising new media workers. DM further instructs the NEC to investigate whether the union can play a greater part in industry events such as award ceremonies and conferences.

Proposed by Donnacha DeLong.

Talking about strikes

If you went by what the media generally reports, you would think that unions are all about strikes. The rail unions, in particular, whether it’s Aslef on the Southern Service or the RMT and TSSA on the Tube, are currently in news because of their strikes. Even doctors in the BMA were on strike last year.

The reality is that unions are about a lot more than just strikes, but the other things they do are somewhat less newsworthy. The Trade Union Congress has 50 member unions, including the NUJ, and represents almost 5.6 million workers. Non-TUC unions accounted for around 700,000 more members in 2015, bringing the overall figure to over 6 million.

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