Branch moves online

For obvious reasons – Coronavirus in case you’ve been living under a rock for a few weeks – having a branch meeting in the physical world was not possible. However, we are the branch of broadcasters and people who move online, so the solution was obvious.

The first online branch meeting took place on Tuesday, 31 March 2020 with guests from PressPad talking about their project.

The other advantage of online meetings is that they’re easy to record. The audio is available now.

And here’s a video of the section of the meeting with guests from PressPad on Facebook Video.

Draft motion 4: Applications

DM recognises that the requirement to name a proposer and seconder is more honoured in the breach than in the observance. It ceased to be a reason to reject applicants many years ago and can be confusing to applicants who may know no other members of the NUJ.

DM instructs the NEC to amend the rules to remove this condition from applications and to replace it on applications forms with an optional question about NUJ members who may have recruited them or encouraged them to join.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.

Draft motion 2: Chapel applications

This DM recognises that branch attendance by members is generally low. DM further notes that branches approve applications for people they know nothing about beyond the basic information provided by the Membership Department, as many applicants do not attend meetings.

Chapels who actually know the applicants would be better placed to approve the applications.

DM therefore instructs the NEC to amend the rules to allow approval of applications by a meeting of the relevant chapel or branch, whichever takes place first.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.

Draft motion 1: The union’s name

This DM recognises that the name, the National Union of Journalists, is problematic on two counts:

1. The union has not been a national union since 1922 when the Irish Free State became a separate country.

2. Many people eligible for membership do not consider themselves journalists.

The DM therefore instructs the NEC to amend the rules to change the union’s name to simply the NUJ.

Proposed by: Donnacha DeLong.